Collection View

Depending the settings configuration the collection view either displays the selected image(s) with a label to indicate the image classification or a collection of all the boxes from the current selection. When a section or subsection is selected then the collection view displays everything within that section.

The collection view supports a pinch to zoom that scales the size of the thumbnails.

To filter the displayed thumbnails:

  • Tap on the eye button on the respective label in the properties panel.

To select a thumbnail:

  • Tap on a thumbnail to select it.
    A delete button will appear in the top right and the thumbnail with have a coloured box for its label.
    Depending on the configuration
  • Tap on the delete button to either delete the box or remove the image’s classification.

To deselect a thumbnail:

  • Tap it a second time

When the configuration is for an object detector double tapping a thumbnail will select the image in filing, switch top the edit image view and select the box that was double tapped.