Purpose #

This help describes the setup and operating procedure of ToolZ. ToolZ is an app downloaded from the App Store. To unlock saving and exporting ToolZ requires a subscription which can be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. There is a 7 day free evaluation period. You are able to cancel your subscription anytime. If further information is required you are welcome to contact us using the link below.

Context #

This help is for the use of researchers, technicians and practitioners who in general are preparing and analysing data for image-based machine learning models.

The scope of Toolz is limited to image classification and object detection.

ToolZ aims at simplifying the annotation of images by introducing several logical workflows. It does not train Deep Learning models, but streamlines the preparation of data and enables quick visualisation of the results.

ToolZ was developed over many years to suit our needs of annotating large datasets.

Device Requirements #
  • iPad
    ToolZ has been designed and tested to run on any iPad with a version of iPadOS 15.0 and above.
  • Apple Pencil
    ToolZ has been tested with both versions of the Apple Pencil (1 & 2). This app was developed in order to leverage the Apple Pencil experience, to annotate quickly and precisely large amounts of data.